twoHundred’s GDPR policies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

twoHundred processes all personal data in absolute confidence. The data is used solely internally at twoHundred and by our business partners, and then only to satisfy the terms of our agreements with customers, suppliers and employees. Therefore only the employees at twoHundred that need to use the information in connection with their duties have access to this information. The data is not disclosed or sold to other parties.

twoHundred has a security policy and detailed guidelines concerning personal data. We have also taken technical measures to protect personal data against un-authorized access, alteration, use or deletion. twoHundred does not disclose personal data to the state or public institutions unless required by law.

Customers and suppliers

We acquire and process personal data in connection with our cooperation with our customers and suppliers. This involves general personal data such as information concerning name, company-address, -telephone number and -email addresses, in addition to name, address, telephone number and email addresses of any contacts at customers or suppliers.

Processing of the data is necessary for us to be able to pursue a legitimate interest in being able to manage, control and develop our business activities and services.

The purpose of processing such data is to be able to satisfy the terms of agreements that have been entered into, including the delivery of goods and services, invoicing, quality management and quality control, development of our business areas, handling of operations and maintenance of IT systems.